Dr Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries

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Moonrock L6 Rechargeable/PMS 298 C 340mAh

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Moonrock Clear Battery – Zodiak Moonrock Clear battery – Moonrock  Battery Price

Description and History

Dr. Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries is intended to utilize oil cartridges. The Moonrock battery features 350mAh capacity with a diameter of 11.2mm and a length of 88.7mm long and it has a button-less draw-activated operation. The Moonrock Clear battery can be charged through 510-USB port on the bottom at 5V/0.5A with a pre-heating time of 15s thus giving it enough power to vape the thickest of oils and last the average user all day. The battery has low-voltage, short-circuit and overcharge protection thereby making it suitable for every scenario used and also the Best Quality Moonrock Battery. Grab this battery to pair with Moonrock Clear oil cartridge to experience a great smoke-time.

Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Clear Batteries comes with the compatible 510 thread. These button-less batteries come in 7 different colors!


The appearance of Dr Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries

For more details of the appearance of Moonrock’s clear battery and a better understanding of the operation, you can visit Here.


Where can I buy Dr. Zodiak moonrock Battery – Buy Moonrock Battery – Moonrock Battery for Sale.



  • CCELL™ technology
  • 7 different colors to choose from
  • Packaged individually in a moonrock box
  • LED light indicating battery power whilst inhaling
  • Comes with a complete package with a USB charger
  • Best suitable for use with our MOONROCK™ CLEAR CARTRIDGES

Available Dr Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries Colors









Moonrock Battery – Big Danny’s

Moonrock Battery- PINKIES


Dr Zodiak Moonrock clear battery – Moonrock Batteries


  • Battery capacity: 350mAh
  • Charging time: Est 1 -2 hours
  • Battery life: Est 300 charges
  • Overcharged and low voltage protection
  • Material: Stainless steel coated
  • Size: 88.7mm length x 11.2mm width

How to Properly Charge a 510 thread  Moonrock  Clear Battery

Watch the video below on how to properly charge the moonrock battery thereby keeping your battery safe for a longer time.


Usage Tips:

  • Always fully charge the battery to ensure a healthy life span.
  • Never leave the device on charge over-night or unattended.
  • Do not attempt to use a high power cartridge or drip tips with this battery as they will not perform well and will damage this battery.


Dr Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries –

Moonrock Clear Batteries

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Additional information


Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Black, Moonrock Ghost, Moonrock Battery – Big Danny's, Moonrock Battery- PINKIES, All Colors

11 reviews for Dr Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries

  1. Joe

    These batteries are the best…
    One Way Trip to the MOON!

  2. Regine miles

    These Batteries are very nice and very colorful and they function like champs! Am very pleas and will be ordering some more ??

  3. Ashley Wools

    These are great!very colorful and they work beautifully with all my carts.

  4. Frankie hills

    Good product but doesn’t come with any chargers. so y’all have to purchase the charger separately.
    Love it ?

  5. Vandes Georgia

    Very satisfied ?

  6. Kelvin45

    The battery works nicely unfortunately there is no charger included so if you order it buy some extra chargers.

  7. Bryant Sampson

    I Love the way the battery lights upon a hit.

  8. Janis Ford

    Thanks guys so much for the timely replies and boosting my trust?

  9. Ryan Isaksson

    These batteries are awesome ?

  10. Kaitlyn Highett

    Great customer service Experience

  11. Jazmin

    Okay I have been using this battery for the last 2 yrs, and keep in mind I treated it like shit I always left it in a hot car or hot purse (I live in desert). I had it malfunction ONCE just three months ago where it wasn’t pulling any cart until you would hit air about 5 times first. And that lasted maybe 3 weeks. After that, went back to normal works the same as the first day. In other words, buy the damn battery.

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